Friday, October 2, 2009

Despair in Shadow

the headline: Despair in Shadow

initial reaction: I pulled this one a few days ago .... putting in time after I turned off the computer, while a thunderstorm passed overhead. ....I wondered if I would lose my hdyro experiencing my own despair in the shadows... in the dark... would lack of electricity drive me to despair.. ok well hardly

recollection of origin: I do believe this one came from the financial section... so very appropriate in these difficult economic times

the brainstorm: wow ....that's heavy. dramatic... although despair to one person is not the despair of another we all experience despair ...desperation on our own unique levels... financial despair, emotional despair, desperate times call for desperate measures... so they say

the process: I started with a small canvas because well who really wants a large canvas filled with despair! darkness, depressing stuff
I discovered this abandoned canvas. it was dark and depressing .... a dark blue empty void of random colours running all running vertically through the canvass. I painted that out of frustration after finding out that my sister was diagnosed with a late stage melanoma cancer. I remember my own desperation during that time over two years ago now. I was so frustrated that I could not even express the anger, hurt , pain, and helplessness during that time. Today was a fairly open day for my scheduled design work.. so i took advantage of it and decided to put my despair down on canvass. but something drew me to oil pastels so I put down the oil pastels over my old acrylic base now I have a mixed media piece that I will have to protect.

the result: a new use for that depressing canvas sitting by my easel... a woman maybe homeless, or not, maybe lost, surrounded in her own despair for whatever reason... her hands held in prayer to see the light beyond her shadows
perhaps a few depressing thoughts displaced from my mind
- now out there on canvas - that feels good and the first of many new creations from News From the pickle Jar! Now on to the next creative Pickle!